samedi 5 juin 2010


The past few weeks have been difficult.

My Mum passed away the 21st of April… sad, painful, a boy always thinks his mother is eternal.

Then Dominique Perrier told me that he could not be with us in the tour for family reasons and I had to find a quick solution three weeks before Budapest. Fortunately Domino has a good friend, Jerome Gueguen, excellent musician, with whom he has been playing on other projects for a long time.

We rehearsed everything, Domino showed him every detail of his parts, and I must say that Jerome has been quite amazing.
The first concert went almost perfectly and Jerome found the way to be faithful to Dominique’s style plus adding his own personal touch.

I must say that the tour is really going well and every night we are delivering something special… The crew is becoming a real family and Jerome is already totally part of it .

The audiences are really great everywhere - lots of electricity in the air.. !
I also try to give the maximum of energy like if it was a one off every night..

Greece was special, because of the crisis you can feel people feeling abandonned by the rest of the world…More than ever artists and citizens of the world must be close to the Greek community, the cradle of civilisation which gave us so much in so many fields…we must never forget that.
Also for this reason, we really gave everything we had on-stage, both in Tessaloniki and Athens, to a fantastic audience.

Tessaloniki was the first outdoor gig of the world tour, however, the venue being a historical site, limiting weight and installations, we could not hang the cyclo.
I decided then that we should use the site itself, as it is, by projecting films and lights on the trees.
The result was quite fantomatic and very encouraging for the future outdoor gigs where we should have our big screen.

Liberec and Bratislava were also unique because of the venues and the audience. Bratislava is such a lovely city with a lot of good vibes for me. I really would like to come back soon for an outdoor concert by the castle (love to Iveta, Fred and Milan !).

A lot of things are in store for the second part of the year… Because of what happened to me recently, I decided to go not to far away from home this year. A lot of concerts in France, UK and other countries in Europe and going to the US, South America and Asia in 2011. My agent came to Athens and we made quite precise plans about all this.

Next week, I have to go to London to prepare the UK tour, with a possible second 3D filming of the autumn leg and to receive an award from MOJO magazine. I also hope to have the energy to finalise some of the new tracks I have for the coming concerts and new album sometime.

I thank you all, my dear and loyal fans around the world, for your support recently, it has been of a great help to me ...



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Robi a dit…

Dear Jean michel,

thank you for your unforgettable concert held in Budapest! We will never forget it and already waiting for your come-back next year!
While the entrée, you walked by some metres from me! :) The man, whose music in my ears every day! :-)

I'm glad all others shows, from Liberec to Bucharest went very well!

Really...Jerome plays very well during the concerts! Welcome to him!

American fans are waiting for you, its so good to know the US tour is being shaped!

Send our best wishes to Dominique!!

Statistics Adagio is really nice piece, looking forward the new studio album.

Thank you so much for everything.
You spoke in an advanced Hungarian already in Budapest!! ;-) :))

Best wishes for Istambul, Beirut and for every destinations coming on!

/If Hungary next year : may I suggest Dóm Square in Szeged? Approximately 10.000 people could see your concert! ;-) /

Sea a dit…

Sorry to hear that your Mum has passed away.
Looking forward to MEN arena in October.

Kanta a dit…

Thanxs a lot for the update, Jean Michel. Great to read your thoughts and your plans for the future concerts in 2011.

Congratulations on winning an award from MOJO magazine. The UK welcomes you with all its heart this week.

Best wishes to all the team and Dominique.


Unknown a dit…


sorry to hear of your mother's passing. She must have been France's Proudest Mom. My sympathies to the whole Jarre clan.

Unknown a dit…

The news that Jean-Michel Jarre is coming to the US is the best news I have had in a while.
I'm hardcore fan since 1986, and I never thought I would have a chance to see the spectacle of a Jarre performance.

Thanks for coming to visit. I will be sure to make a few shows...

and thanks for 25 years of entertainment!

Santi Espejo a dit…

Thankyou for to be Jean Michel Jarre, thankyou tho you mother that made of you the musician who you are and i wish we can enjoy an out door concert of the gig with you in Santiago de Compostela in july...

Stendoras a dit…

Hello Jean Michel from Greece,
i would like to thank for the great show that you gave in 1/6/2010 in my country, the show was absolutely great and you was phenomenal.
I want to say one more thing, i hope the collaboration with Greek's favorite composer and musician Mikis Theodorakis will take place as soon as possible. All Greek people thank you for your great support and love that you gave to our country.


Juan Ignacio a dit…

Dear Jean Michel, my most heartfelt condolences for the loss first of your father and your mother now. All your Spanish fans are looking forward to seeing you back here, your visit to this country in 2008 you left us very satisfied especially to me that you saw in Valladolid for the first time in my life.
Now it seems that we're going to see in Santiago de Compostela, if so I'm there, I live in Asturias. Nothing more to wish you good luck and tell you that we look forward to this new album, thank you.

Anonyme a dit…

My deepest condolences for the passing away of your mom... may you find the strenght to move ahead...

And please, please, please come to Mexico... thanks!

Magdalena-Jarrefany a dit…

Dear Jean Michel!
Many thanks to you for a wonderful concert in Budapest.
I enjoyed every minute of it, even if the Security on ever sit down: P
The first row raged and screamed and clapped their hands ..
You have an unforgettable experience, thank you
I love your music and all thy self. A wonderful man and artist.

Many thanks to Fiona's that it came out towards the end of the concert, in front of the stage and could go out. I was crying with joy, and also that you were standing a few inches from me and I listen to the music.
It is very emotionally touched by the whole concert.
We are very happy that we came out after the concert to dedicate. I touched your hand out .. hmmm, I'll never forget. God's blessing accompany
I love you

stephen windle a dit…

dear jean michel,
sorry to hear about your mum passing away .really looking forward to seeing you at the O2 in wishes to dominique and welcome to the new family member "jerome".eagerly awaiting new songs and a new album soon .best wishes ;)
stephen . BLACKMAGIC54

danée73 a dit…

dear, jean michel, good to know that you mastered this hard times.

see you soon in santiago de compostela. hope you confirm this gig soon I already book a flight.

Heidcast a dit…


Thank you so much Jean Michel...

Congratulations for the MOJO award!
Great to find some other news about DVD and Tour on 2011!

Glad you plan America, SouthAmerica, and Asia... a real World Tour!!!

Thanks for be strong...
and keep being YOU, at same time...
Thanks for the emotional experience I had... the Budapest concert!
(I went there specially for You and for our Dear Francis...)
Thanks for you music and talent...
...for share the pictures taken by your self... (I love them!)

for what you gave, give and going to give us always and forever...

Thanks to France, your mom too...(as one said before, the Proudest Mom...)

a sweet and warm hug,
with all my love...


Ethnicolor a dit…

Dear Jean-Michel, just a line to express my sincere condolences at the passing of your mother. I hardly know anything about her, yet I do know she was an amazing woman.
Looking forward very much to the October concert in Dublin.

Atta a dit…

Dear Jean Michel, you sure do your "job" on the stage as if it was a one off show. All your fans felt in Budapest, your energy and smile came down from the stage and believe us: the security did not let us to feel free enjoy your show that was really amazing. But! You still have a great sense of humour: you did know what was the problem and when you dedicated Chnologie 7 (I think) to the security, many of us laughed - that was a connection between you and the fans. :) Hope to see you and meet you again!

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Dearest Jean Michel :)

The sound of the silence is the music from the HEART..before any instruments are touched by the hand.. is about "I LOVE YOU" the words from the past..the present and the future..

As TRUE LOVE never dies ...and as we have the ETERNAL in our hearts..

We can be sure..broken hearts can be healed again..

All these human feelings is in the music...

It is great to see this young man jumping around on stage to the music..YOU! :))

And you look great as always!

All the best wishes to you from my heart

Turid Elisabeth

CAtou a dit…

Cher Jean Michel,

Je suis heureuse de constater que nous, vos fans, nous vous avons aidé à traverser cette éprouvante épreuve qu'a été le décès de votre mamman.

Je suis heureuse aussi de voir que la seconde partie de la tournée se passe bien (Je saurais, je vous suivrais à travers le monde avec mon mari, mais j'ai 5 enfants et un métier que j'adore...) et que Jérôme se donne autant que Dominique (j'espère que tout se passera bien pour lui aussi dans sa vie privée).

Je vous souhaite que le reste de la tournée se passe aussi bien et je vous embrasse tous, vous ainsi que toute l'équipe qui vous suit tout au long de votre périple.

equinoxe a dit…

Hello Jean Michel,

I feel some connection, since my mom (and also your fan) was at the hospital when I learnt about yours (my condolences), and unfortunately mine passed away a week later. Indeed, one thinks about a mother as something eternal, and in some way they're, because they live in our memories.

My best wishes to Dominique, and please come to "Latin America" next year.

Sébastien a dit…

Je n’ai pas déposé de message après Berçy.
Je n’ai rien dis après le 21 avril.

Trop d’émotion...vraiment trop.

Toutes ses années, tous ces sons.

En attendant le 30 septembre...

Bon courage,

Love and love.
...and love.


Unknown a dit…

First of all, my sincerest condolences on the passing away of your mother, that is very sad news.
I hope Dominique is doing well with his family issues.

The news that you'll be visiting the US in absolutely fantastic. I saw you in Brussels in 1993 (I think?) and I've been aching to attend another concert.

gsimiak a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,
My condolences for the passing of your mother. Life is short and we must make the most of every minute. For 30 years it was my dream to see you live on stage and now it has come true! And it was worth waiting!
When I saw that you would perform in Athens on my birthday, I knew that it was meant to be. Thanks! Until next time!

Unknown a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

I condole with you on your beloved mother. She was a very special person to you and she always will be, because she will be with you for eternity. Think of her and all the pleasent memeories. I hope you will then find the energy for all your upcoming projects.
I'm eager to hear your new album and see you again soon in Germany.

Live long and prosper
Your great fan from Germany

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Always we been always we're and always we'll be with you champ and our friend :)
Thank you for wonderful concerts
that you're with us :)
I wish you many forces in this sad time for you and many forces on the Tour :)
Much kisses hugs and love from Poland :)
See you again :)

guirivaud a dit…

Salut Jean Mi,
Merci beaucoup pour ce gentil blog.
On est avec toi Jean Mi !
Tu n'es pas seul .
Cela m'a fait plaisir de te voir a Budapest meme si c'etait court .
Si ti vas aux USA , je serais la bas pour te supporter et j'espere que la securite ne sera pas aussi dure qu'a Budapest ;-) ... Mais d'ici la on se verra a Glasgow, Dublin, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester et Londres !!! On sera la pour t'encourager Jean Mi ...
Qand tu viend au Royaume Uni cela serait fort d'avoir Oxygene 7 et 8 a la place d'un ou 2 morceaux ... A bientot Jean mi . You're the best et donne mes amities a Fiona, Francis et Claude ... Salut !

mathetes1963 a dit…

JM, I am so sorry for your loss. My father passed away about 1 1/2 years ago, and I'm still not over it. I pray you will trust the Lord to help you through this time of grief.

Glad to hear you are coming to the States! Ever been to North Carolina?

Normund a dit…

Very sorry for your loss. Mothers are always very special people. And yours must have been even more special.

Andy Ford a dit…

Sorry to hear about your mum Jean Michel, all our thoughts are with you at this sad time. a dit…

Jean-Michel, life's strange isn't it? The more I realize that nothing is eternal, the more messages like this I read. So sorry to hear about your mum. My time will come as well. I wish you all the strength and comprehension of what Life brings you and I ... and all the world! Keep making music and entertain, no matter what happens, will be your fan forever and beyond, ~TC

SpeedyMilad a dit…

Dear Jean-Michel,
I am so happy to hear you going to the US.I am a huge fan of yours and I am looking forward to it.It would be great if you could have a concert in Canada as well.Please come to Vancouver! :)

Best wishe,
Milad from Vancouver,Canada

Guest a dit…

Thank you for teaching me something new; I had no clue about this before.