dimanche 10 octobre 2010

Self Pirated Live Transmission happening right here right now


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Daniel Gustafsson a dit…

marvelous thank you for this :)

Robi a dit…

Very good stream, great audio but i'm disappointed by black & white... :S

I accepted that 2010 will go ahead with this tracklist, this is why I, and can say, We ask for radical change of setlist for 2011!

Playing solos is not the strenght of JM, but please...play notes and tunes, not only noises.

Hmm.....Fresh air, Jean Michel , OXYGENE for 2011, please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerome is great !!!!!!!!!!

Sea a dit…

:O :O :O OMG!!!!.....this is completely amazing...you are great!...saw the gig in Manchester last night...didn't expect this online tonight...ty very much XXXXXXX

Mirko Mosca a dit…

E' stato bellissimo, grazie Jean Michel, ti aspetto in Italia

Anonyme a dit…

A terrific idea masterfully done as befits the wonder that is Jean Michel Jarre.
I was at the Cardiff concert (a superb performance) and it was not only a real treat to witness again the music but also to view if from a different perspective.
I've thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of two performances this week.
...& I still cannot belive that I have actually witnessed Rendez-vous 4 'live'. :-)
...I hope to see you again sometime in the next 150 years...

Zwoekie a dit…

Totally awesome gig!
Songs that got a special treatment and going mad with solos and total chaos!
I loved every second of it, you and the guys as well, you could measure the amount of energy with a geiger counter!!
The black and white gave it a real nice underground squat feeling.
Bet you guys were knackered at the end of the gig.
You played so many songs, it reminded me of a Ramones gig LOL!
No talk, just play.

Kudos to you all.

LutonStevey a dit…

Just got home from the O2, wow, what an amazing gig! A lot of energy pouring from the stage and the audience too :)

And I was sitting next to the aisle while you were doing your meet & greet at the start. JM at point blank range doing handshakes and high 5s!! :D

Thanks to JM, the band, and the audience for an amazing night. Did anyone turn around to see the galaxy of twinkling mobile phones?

Our Cosy Place a dit…

Just came back from o2. Amazing concert, but a bit too short, I could do another 2 hours more Mr Jarre, especially that I had a seat next to stage.

Lolita_Cerilla a dit…

Lo vi en vivo, me pareció un sueño hecho realidad, especialmente porque las posibilidades de incluir Colombia en la gira no son muchas, pero realmente lo disfrute desde el incio hasta el final... me encanto...
Tu música me renueva el espiritu.

chris jones a dit…

Thank you for broadcasting your concert on-line. I very much enjoyed the high quality of the music.

I noticed the laser-harp changing octaves visually is this new?

aiméestern a dit…
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Svensyntetics a dit…

Mr Jarre,

thank you for sharing this with us. Not so long ago this was not possible to do, and all for free...! The First time for me it realy was working without breakdown of the stream!!! I was sitting at home and listen to your music you was playing live in London. And it is not TV it is the internet. All people should think about the technical difficulties such a event bring with it. Multi Camera views and over 5000 People watching the event live...streaming live over the Net. NO interuptions at my home....great sound quality...and pictures and movie in an artfull way...

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! Future is now.

open768 a dit…

Went to the concert in London last night. The laser visuals were stunning, the sound quality was the best I've ever heard. Next time get the crowd on their feet. This is music to dance to and let loose - not for being glued to the seats like a classical concert. Old age is not an excuse to be boring. And please some remixes -like in odyssey and really wanted to hear revolutions. Less of the ksssh kssshh machine pls.

Unknown a dit…

Thank you for the possibility to watch the concert online, the sound was perfect and the stream worked excellently.

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

was faaaaaaaaaaantttaassssssttttttiiiiiiccccccccc !!!!!!!!!!! revelation and amazing :-) on chat hot climat was too hahaha greet all and again MERCI JEAN MICHEL FOR FANTASTIC SHOW !!!! :-))

Unknown a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

this was a great idea to transmit the 10/10/10 concert live via the internet. I very enjoyd to hear again your marvelous music.

However, a littlte dissapointment rises in me and I think also in many other fans. The tracklist is the same since the start of your 2010 tour. You promised a variable tracklist and new tracks. When are they coming? And when can we expect a new album?

Your fans hunger for something new!!!

Nevertheless, I whish you all the best and lots of energy for your ongoing world tour and hope to see you soon back in Germany.

jarreblogru a dit…

Thank you, Jean Michel for your fantastic show last night!
The sound of the transmission was super! And the black-n-white desigh was really something new and unusual!
Whatever everybody else says, the track list is great!

Merci beaucoup!!!

Hope to see you in Russia next year!

Yours sincerely,

Robi a dit…

I don't know why you all think the 10-10-10 was an enourmus thing. JMJ just counted up to 10, then we saw a live stream. Really.
We can thank for that ; otherly, nothing strange happened.

I remember reading the comments regarding to this news before the concert:
-brand new track?
-new back catalogue track(s)?
-new arrangments and/or projections?
- and so on...

No new music...new from the back catalogue nor a brand new one. Statistic Adagio is a nice track, but NOTHING new in it : similar to Rendez-vous 6, unfinished, unmature.

I was very sorry I had to sell my Kosice concert ticket some months ago, but now I see I don't loose anything, I would just hear and see the same things going all around the year...

Hope in 2011, which would bring brand new concept after release of new album.

Zwoekie a dit…

Ok, it wasn't an amazing achievement, we just saw a live stream from a concert.
(BTW has anyone an application to record that stream?
I already tried several programs but they don't recognize the stream).

The Foo Fighters gave a live gig from their studio and fans could request songs via chat or mail.
If you wanted to hear a song they hadn't played in years, they took the time to figure out the chords and stuff and played it.
It was totally awesome and it went on for hours.

But it's great to see Jean Michel play, especially when he's on a roll. Ok, you don't like the raw analog industry-like noises but I like the fact I have the chance to see one of my favorite composers play live.

New material will come, we just have to be patient and I'm very curious what he will create.
He always uses the latest technologies.
And in the mean time I'll be seeing him in Holland this year, I'm really looking forward to that gig.

Jean Michel, you're fantastic and I'll be seeing you.

Au revoir,

Musically yours,

Zwoekie Creativity

Bron a dit…

I have long been a JMJ fan and have a much loved copy of the London Docklands concert on video/dvd as well as several others and to see JMJ live at long last in London during a visit from Australia was the ultimate for me. I had no issue at all with the tracklist, it was great to see him perform so many I love and the Rendezvous 4 with laser harp the ultimate bliss. Many thanks JMJ from Bron, Australia.

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