jeudi 7 janvier 2010


2010 is off to a great start. Not that 2009 was bad, but 2010 is one step above.. After the 2009 tour ended, I wanted to evolve the concept a bit, to give a new meaning to the music, moving moods, bright and somber passages.. It will be quite different, and quite special. The new tracklisting is really powerful now, and I have been working with Marie-Jeanne, Thomas and Ignace to give it the visual force it deserves. There is still a lot of work, but we have a solid base, a solid team and fresh energy after the holidays. The promotion has already started, and I'm glad we have some interesting press articles.
The new concept also gave me inspiration for new tracks that I want to try, refine and sharpen during the tour, with a new album in mind later this year.. That and a few other surprises..
Another exciting change in 2010 is 3D. As you know I have been experimenting with 3D concerts for over a decade, so I'm observing with curiosity how Avatar is changing the movie industry. It is like the beginning of 5.1 for sound: sweat, pain but a whole new opportunity. I am working on a special 3D project linked to the 2010 concerts..

I hope 2010 will be as thrilling for you as it is for me. Thanks for all your kind comments, and happy new year to you all. Specially to you, yes, you.

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Glenn a dit…

Dear Jean Michel, good luck in 2010! We hope to see you again in Scandinavia!

Robi a dit…

...and Hungary too!

Good luck in 2010!

Cathy a dit…

This sounds really interesting - I can't wait for March!.

Diego a dit…

Don't forget South America, yes, South America!.

We love you.

Magdalena-Jarrefany a dit…

Dear Jean Michel!
Very nice of you to re-write to the blog.
Thank you for your kindness and attention.
I wish you a happy New Year:D
Please, come back to Budapest, VERY WELCOME BACK
Good luck in 2010.

Unidade de Carbono no Palido ponto Azul a dit…

I good to see you again.
In South America, remember BRAZIL !!!

Unknown a dit…

Have a wonderful year 2010!

and thanks for the interesting news regarding the "2010" tour...

Quemlar a dit…

Great to see you updating your blog again. I can't wait to see what you have got lined up for us in Manheim in March. I saw Avatar in 3D lately and can't wait to see how you will implement the technology with your art. See you soon!

JMJ a dit…

Please, less 3D but more MUSIC, live music.

Anf if we want is because you can. So, YES WE CAN. :)

Happy 2010, Mr. JARRE.

equinoxe a dit…

Please don't forget Latin America. Did you see Sarah Brightman's Symphony Tour with the "holograms"? (, they were spectacular (but not suited for video)

Happy 2010, full of creativity and a new album...

Dav_bus a dit…

Vivement le 18 mars à Nantes!!

Sea a dit…

Manchester was brilliant..first time seeing you live. loved your music since 1976! there a new album out soon?

andre fages a dit…

Salut Jean Michel
tous mes voeux pour la nouvelle
année 2010 et bonne année et santé
R D V pour le 25 MARS 2010
A BERCY a 20h00
j'ai prie mon billet !!!!
pour ce 25 mars

Paris 12

Normund a dit…

Best wishes of luck and creativity to you, Jean-Michel, from a smow-white Latvia. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Unknown a dit…

Thank you for your kind season's wishes and also, thank you for your efforts of preparing a marvelous show for us (as usual! :) )Have a Happy New Year, and as we say here in Romania: be healthy, happy and strong! Good luck with the new projects and, if the opportunity arises, we hope to see you soon again in RO.

Greetings from Romania,


pka13 a dit…

Happy new year :-)

Norbert a dit…

Dear Jean Michel

New year,new concepts and concerts. But don't forget Warsaw. Thank you for Your Music. Happy New Year.



Kanta a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

Thank so much for your update. So happy to hear from you! A lot of exciting new plans for the year 2010. I look so much forward to it all. Good luck and see you very soon at POP Bercy, Paris.

I hope you come back to the UK, if you get a chance please.

Happy New Year 2010, again. :)

With much love.


zoolook1980 a dit…

2010 nous reserve de belle surprises !
vivement <2010> la tournée,
je me fais une joie de te voir à Lyon, Paris, Strasbourg...
tout mes voeux de réussites pour <2010>

à lundi (enregistrement tv)

Vincent - zoolook1980

jawalka a dit…

Bon jour Jean Michel :):):)

First of all I want to wish you everything the best in this New Year 2010. Lots of happiness, health, smile on your face, love and joy during your concerts :)

I cant wait to see You in Spodek in Poland with your new project. Your concert are always great, and I believe that it will be too.

God luck in your preparing and see you soon :)

Kate from Poland :)

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Happy New Year you too :) all the best I wish you many success in the new year and the upcoming tour
I can not wait the the start and your concert in Katowice ;)
big kiss 4U and good luck :)
The best regards for boys ;p

vanello a dit…

Hello, Mr. Jarre!
I wish you a great year with great performances and a great album too. And i'll definately have a great time if i see you someday again in Bucharest.
Best regards!

Sotrondog a dit…

2010 promises to be an interesting year - I can't want for a new album!

YANN F. a dit…

Quel plaisir enfin de te retrouver ici. Une exellente année 2010 a toi aussi,qui sera "l'année jarre"
On se retrouve a nantes (encore une fois apres ta derniere visite) et peut etre d'autres dates si je retrouve pas de taf!!!!!

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Thanks Dear Jean Michel

for the nice to see you!!!
And so interesting news...

The heart has no wrinckles..we will always feel young!! ;)

You are young..the music and art are young..

I am so happy you are happy!

I love you!

See you on stage.. Paris concert March! :)

Wishing you a wonderful time!!

Heart to heart

Your great fan
Turid Elisabeth

Unknown a dit…

Welcome back Jean-Michel! USA looks forward to seeing you live in New York City!!

tdream88 a dit…

TRÈS HÂTE de connaître les dates en Amérique ;-) Après plus de 25 ans d'attente, je vais ENFIN pouvoir VIVRE l'expérience Jarrienne ;-) A DREAM come true!

Tamara a dit…

Cher Jean Michel. Je vis dans la Russie, à Moscou. Je veux beaucoup pour que tu viennes de nouveau avec le concert à la Russie. Je n'ai pas de possibilité d'aller sur tes concerts à l'étranger. Je veux avouer l'amour de toi, bien que tu sois plus aîné que moi pour les 32, je tout t'aime comme l'homme!!!!!

C-Jay a dit…

yes! happy new year mate... glad to see you are back with the blog..

yesterday, i bought tickets for the show in Liege, march 28...
too bad you are not coming to holland again..but hey, Liege is only 2,5 hours drive.. and i can sleep at a friends house. ":)

hope the show will be really different than 2009...

love from holland,

Paes a dit…

Happy New Year JM.

Hope the best for you and your family for 2010, but also hope the best for your proffesional projects, that would mean that some of my dreams for this new year come true.

Don't forget Spain in your tour.

Robi a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,
it would be very good, decent and "21th Century-ish" to have next releases, both studio album and live DVD and CD releases, by Blue-Ray and SACD technologies.

Andy Ford a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, Happy New year to you too!

By the way, have you ever considered doing Equinoxe Live in your Living room?

I personally thought Oxygene LIYL was absolutely superb!

Unknown a dit…

happy new year fella. Have a good one and may it be as creative and inspirational as the others.

rob and yoshi. x

jawalka a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

Please write more often on this blog..

It's so great to read some news from you..

Best Wishes and Kisses

Kate from Poland

JustMe a dit…

Maestro, thanks a lot that you write for your fans and remember about us at this festive time of the year. We remember you in our prayers all the time, but don't write about it! ;=)

Robi a dit…

Thumbs up for the 2010 March promotion, especially for the French leg! :)

Now lets giving us more dates...for Budapest, Los Angeles, New York... Wien...Bratislava...or Sydney! :-) ;-)

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hi Dear Jean Michel!

Early morning driving my car through magic Norwegian winterlandscape + snow crystals falling down from the trees shining in the sunrise + listening to Chronologie 6-Forbidden City = GREAT JOY :D

Did need to tell you!

Thanks For The Music

Big Hugs from me

naldina a dit…

Dear Jean Michel. I´m glad to be reading new updating in your blog.We missing you.You are the best musician and composer of the world and you know that.My best wishes and a wonderful year in 2010I´m living in Brazil and hope one day see you here.

Unknown a dit…

We would love to see you perform in Athens, Greece!

Good luck!

jawalka a dit…

Have a nice day everyday :)

Greetings from Poland and see you very soon :)

wanda a dit…

Come to South America please,please,please...8-)

Robi a dit…

What about an outdoor gig - "City in Concert project" - in Australia on 26th January 2011, on Australia Day?
Outdoor celebrations, holiday; outdoor Jean Michel Jarre concert...?

jawalka a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, how are you feeling before tour? I hope, that everything is fine :) Wish you good luck :) See you soon :)

Tamara a dit…

Par le chemin, Jean Michel!!! A regardé la transmission Panique dans L'oreillette, j'aimais beaucoup. Tu par une telle voix sexuelle as dit les mots : je t'aime! Intéressant il y avait un tour avec le fichu, de qui tu as fait le lapin, qui sautait de tes mains. Il est fâcheux que je regardais la transmission sans traduction, parce que la France 2 dans Internet a trouvé le site du canal. Je te veux rencontrer en Russie, quand tu viendras chez nous avec le concert en 2010..... Le Baiser....

Unknown a dit…

Thank you, Mr. Jarre! We hope to see you in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, BRAZIL!

And we are waiting for your new albuns and 3D concerts!

Salut and abraços!

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel,

when will you confirm new dates?
Time goes fast, date getting to close...

Robi a dit…

Well I don't feel 2010 as that thrilling. Found out that Budapest date is not sure at all...time goes fast. One month, March, luckliy scheduled.
I can't see 2010 different to 2009, in regard to promises what we got last years.
Why don't you entrust a professional concert organiser, Jean Michel?

Relatively silent 2000s years, no a hit album. No wonder that promoters are afraid taking on you.

If you, or any of your member (musician) is not sure about new dates, don't put on line! (Bratislava, Kosice, Athens, Thessaloniki, Bucharest, Budapest)

Hope there might be an other month in 2010...

Torben Asp a dit…

Greetings Jean Michel, I am so thrilled that you are still going strong and have followed you through the years as a big fan of your music and compositions.
I compose electronic music myself and is wellknown in the virtual world, Second Life, which is my chance of getting my music known to people.
My dream is that one day we will have a glass of redwine together and talk about music...maybe even here in 2010..... Best wishes for 2010 from Torben Asp,Denmark (

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel, please disregard the post above by me.
Apologies for that, obviously I don't , I can't understand things like such concert organising.

We are all happy you are touring. 2010. Must be the best.

Christopher a dit…


I didn't find a way to contact you directly, so I'll try this way. :)

I am working on a short-movie about numbers-stations for my studies in communications-design and found that one of these mysterious stations broadcasts/broadcasted Jean Michel Jarre's "Magnetic Fields Pt. 1" as their introduction music.

It would be great to use recordings of that station mixed with a clean record of Magnetic Fields for the ending scene of my movie, where I would follow a radio wave through space right back to the receiver, where the movie ends.

I put a whole lot of effort into this project, starting with original costumes and ending with great settings like an old atomic bunker or a stylish 50s radio-telescope and being able to use Magnetic Fields for the ending-sequence would be a perfect fit!

Since I don't want you to just decide by my words, I would be glad to send you some raw or slightly post-productioned footage of the movie for you to decide, whether or not it's worth allowing me to use this great piece of music.

I hope my mail-adress is properly attached to this comment, so you can send me a reply.

Yours sincerely


C-Jay a dit…

jean michel, can you give us some more info on recent news? hows the preparations going and all?

maybe u should use Twitter, to update us shortly and more often? that would be awesome!

Kanta a dit…

Dearest Jean Michel,

Thank you maestro for returning to the UK as part of the 2010 Tour. I will be at The NIA and The 02. I am ecstatic! Good luck with the tour.

With much love and respect,

Your fan.

PS See you at Bercy. xxx

Unknown a dit…

Bonjour JMJ,
I've been a fan for 30 years, and to quote Abba, "Thank you for the music".

I was thinking, recently:

Before music recording was possible, the great musicians of the past wrote works that could be performed by any orchestra (at least theoretically), and they are still being performed today. That is, the focus was on COMPOSITION, not performance. (Although some composers did actually perform their own works.)

With you, though, I think it is both composition AND performance. But I wonder: what would it be like if other artists played your "symphonies", using modern instruments? (Note that I am not talking about "The Symphonic JMJ" album, you did not compose your work for traditional instruments. I am not talking about remixes, either. I'm talking about live performances and/or recordings by other artists of JMJ's works, as they were originally written). The gifts of a great performer could be combined with the gifts of a great composer.

Just a thought.

Vojin a dit…

Just to remind you of your promise of coming back to Serbia... ;)

C-Jay a dit…

hi jean michel..
been a fan for 20 years, and also went to amsterdam in 2009...

im a bit disappointed by last nights tracklist...?
its almost the same as last year?

i really hope the tracklist wil change next weeks... i will be at the march 28 show...

pleaaaase, more recent material, from like 2001 and newer...
i have seen about 10 - 15 of your shows in real life the last 20 years, and i really dont wanna pay money AGAIN for oxygene, rendez vous and equinoxe...
come on man, play something else!

one of your biggest fans, but seriously...change the playlist!
you promised in interviews man..

Robi a dit…

I agree with you C-Jay.

Jean Michel! I think you should refresh your repertoire a bit.

Chronologie 4 ? Orient Express ? Ethnicolor ? Arpegiator ? Zoolook ? Calypso 1 or 2 ?
Oxygene 7 ?

I wouldn't have paid for the same tracklist again !

OK, Thank You for Rendez-vous 4 and New Piece!!!
But I'm fed up with Rendez-vous 2 for example!!!

Pay more attention on sound itself, it is up to sound engineers, technicans.

Let's be Jean Michel Jarre! Who deliver the best! As been...

Robi a dit…

"the fansite jarrelook posted an interview he did in december, in berlin.
that was an officiel press conference...again, he said there he would play new music, and a FEW classics.
also, he would use the hidden sound system (uhm....) and that he would definetely play chrono 4...
and the list of promises goes on during that press conference...."


C-Jay a dit…

well, i say it again: i am a big, big, big jarre fan..

jean michel, im following you for 20 years (!) so dont get me wrong...
but this tracklist is not what i expected, with the excpectations YOU gave us.

why again oxy, equi, rv etc. etc?
why not other tracks from the same albums, and new tracks? from theo & tea, metamorphoses, aero, oxygene 7-13, geometry of love....
the list goes on!!

whyyyyyyy all the same music again?
come on....

vanello a dit…

Hello, Jean Michel!
Can't wait to see you again in
Romania, on 3 june!
We love you.
Vanello and Cristina from Bucharest.

vanello a dit…

Despite of what the others say,i would still prefer the classic playlist with your most famous songs, perphaps because i didn't have the chance to see you playing these songs in a concert yet in Romania (except the oxigene tour). but for those who had this opportunity many times, maybe it would be good to come up with other songs too.
Wherever you choose to share with us, i will be glad because i think for us, the essence of these concerts is to come closer to you and your musical universe and let us floating and feel happy about it, no metter what songs you play.
My best!

Robi a dit…

JM working hard to demolish his image...seems....and that cat-suffering solo on Oxygene 5!
That could be played more melodically.

This is what you have prepaired during 9 months for?

Atta a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

I DO hope you WILL NOT that one who was in November, 2008 after the Budapest concert.
Only 6 or 7 of us were waiting for you and you did not spend 5 minutes for us.
I travelled from Northern Ireland to Hungary only for you to see the show and to tell you: my Mom loved your Equinoxe 8 and that piece of your music was on at her grave in May 2 years ago. I disappointed in you. I respect you for the music you have created, but I am still disappointed.
Now I had to borrow money to be able to buy the cheapest ticket for your Monday (24.05.2008.) show in Budapest, I have no job, yet I still want to be there. After 34 years of you music fan maybe I could deserve 1 minute from your life. But I cannot believe now that you are interested what I feel or think.
Once again: I feel truly sorry for losing your Mom.

Atta a dit…

Dear Jean Michel, at last! After the Budapest show I met you even just for a while and in a kind of crowd, but could shake your hands.
You were nice and took care of your fans. You healed my wounds that you caused 2 years ago, but now I could tell you the story of my Mom and your reaction was exactly the one I expected. Rest in peace our Moms.

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