mardi 30 septembre 2008

Photos from Beijing

We're starting to get a decent photobase on Fotonauts (the wikipedia of photos), and soon you will all be able to contribute, once they open up their system. Here are a few more behind-the-scenes photos from Beijing, in 2004.

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FabiettoCAT a dit…

Merci beaucoup Jean Michel, Thomas et à toute l'équipe!

Hope you will release soon some news about the 2nd part of the tour... And you'll refresh your friendship with us via this blog!

What do you think about the next month DVD release of "Rendez-vous Houston"? Are you inviting us to buy a copy... or not?!? ;-)
(We have the original VHS, ofcourse...)

And what about the Austrialian DVD release of "The Concerts in China"?
Is this an authorized version?

Thank you in advance!
See you soon in Milan!

from Venice
aka FabiettoCAT

jawalka a dit…

Those pictures are so beautiful and so colorful.. :) Tkanks Thomas :)

Cyril B a dit…

Merci Jean-Michel pour ce partage, des images d'une beauté incroyable pour un concert mémorable (comme tout vos concerts d'ailleurs) ;) Merci de vous occuper de vos fans en nous faisant rêver avec ses belles photos. Mes respects et ma profonde amitié à vous Mr Jarre.

jawalka a dit…

Ok, but where is JMJ? Is he still on holiday? When he will be back?

Unknown a dit…

I know it's off topic, but
check out the new Mega Man 9 Soundtrack. It's electronic music in its purest awesomeness :-)

Heidcast a dit…

Thanks Thomas!

I´ve just got my Double THX DVD



Kalie Cullen a dit…

Salut Jean Michel!!!
Ça va?

I love your work since childhood, always wanted to go to one of your concerts, any plans on coming to Brasil?

All the best, always!

FRANCK a dit…


Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Hi Jasiu how are You ?
Greeting from Poland/Trzebnica :-)
We See You Soon :-)
(Dec.1th - Torwr)
Have a nice week ;-p
Grand Peck 4U ;-**********

Nina Ostasiuk

Guest a dit…

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